At Acumen we are driven by a few guiding principles which we think are vital to delivering long-term satisfaction for our third-sector customers.


Acumen Third Sector is a workers cooperative, which means that most of the workers are part owners of the company, and so have a vested interest in each and every project's success.

Open Source

Open Source software is the best choice for charities as solutions based on open source are typically free to run - they are also community-supported and match the aims and wishes of charities in general.


From time to time, projects will throw up issues and obstacles - rather than ‘throwing the book’ at customers when the going gets tough, we aim to be sympathetic to their issues and to offer support as far as we can.


Our aim is always to create simple, usable sites for the largest audience possible - and as such we'll always advise our customer to consider usability when directing our work.

‘We chose to work in this sector because, honestly, we care about making a positive difference through our work.’

Hash Varsani, Acumen Lead Designer


We know that without good, clear communication, everything is at stake. We value ongoing relationships with all our customers, and we'll put communication at the very heart of our working practice together.

‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.’


Supplier Independence

One of the major headaches for charities we've seen, is that they end up paying a premium to leave the hands of existing suppliers when the costs get too high. We make sure from the start, that you have full access to move your services freely from us to other providers - your copyright, domain and hosting are yours from the outset.


Most importantly of all, we see every customer relationship as a partner relationship. If we can help your organisation grow in any way, we will do our best to do so. In return, we usually find many fruitful leads and recommendations from our customers.