Funding Partnerships

Our working process can open up exciting new facts and information about your organisation. Information that can be used for advocacy, future planning or for garnering financial support for a project.

By knowing what your organisation can do, understanding how hard you work, and investigating established sources of assistance, we can help marry potential private funding channels, trusts, foundations, even individuals, willing to help your cause.

We have developed a delayed cost solution to help you in the early stages. This basically means we help you draw up a solid funding proposal for the work to be carried out, allowing us to invest our time to get the project started. You benefit from our experience and skill set in achieving a comprehensive plan, that can then be pitched to current or potential stakeholders.

The form below can be used to send us some some ideas on your organisation so we can guide you in finding funding.

Fantastic work from the Acumen team as always - thank you!
Gavin Macfadyen, Centre for Investigative Journalism

Third Sector Funding Development Services